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At notes to self®, we believe in the power of positive thinking and daily affirmation. Our socks and products seek to remind every person of their value, uniqueness, and potential to be their best.

Whether it’s a big meeting, or your child’s first day at school, we believe a little positive encouragement first thing in the morning can go a long way.

notes to self® socks are the perfect gift for any occasion.

"I received a pair of 'I am smart' socks from a friend when I completed my doctorate. I don't put those socks on without thinking about that achievement... total believer in this product!" - Lisa J.

Socks made for your favorite people in your life.

Kids, grandparents, friends, neighbors and even strangers...you name it! We all need socks! And why not inspirational and positive socks to cheer your day?

Our notes to self® socks come in all shapes, colors and sizes for all your loved ones. 

Laura Schmidt

Founder / Chief Positive Person
notes to self®

A little more about us.

Laura Schmidt started notes to self, llc to put her belief in the power of positive thinking into action (and on people’s feet!)

The idea for notes to self® socks arrived while she was looking at her feet - during a trip to Western Kansas with her family on New Year’s Day 2011. Laura watched the scenic Flint Hills roll by, while her feet were propped up on the car dashboard. She was thinking about one of her favorite topics, positive affirmations, and how the subconscious mind is most receptive early in the morning and late at night. At that moment, she turned to her husband, Garret, and said, “I think I’m going to put positive affirmations on the toes of socks!”

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